Central Standard Film Festival Volunteer Opportunities
By volunteering for the Central Standard Film Festival, you will embark on an exciting, unique and rewarding experience. CSFF volunteers comprise an important group, looking to further awareness of regional independent film—not a bad way to spend some time.

Volunteers are an essential component of the festival—its success hinges on their contributions. There are multiple capacities in which to serve, including filmmaker relations, box office, theater management, publicity, special events and trailer production. Of course, there are many different jobs within these categories. Volunteers also contribute to improving future festivals by reporting feedback and accolades from festival attendees.

There are certain expectations CSFF has for its staff of volunteers. Aside from the motion pictures screened, volunteers are the most visible element of the festival. The ambition and scope of CSFF is competitive with some of the largest film festivals in the country. Volunteers need to project an image that reflects this. Therefore, volunteer professionalism, dedication, attention to the patrons of the festival and operations in general are essential to making the festival run like a well oiled machine; only then will CSFF look like the first-rate festival it is.

Here’s what is expected:
Volunteers should arrive to their shift on time.
Volunteers should dress appropriately and be ready to work.
Volunteers should treat everyone with respect, kindness and courtesy.
Volunteers should plan on working hard and pitching in where needed.
Volunteers should be familiar with the festival book, programming and events.
Volunteers should be ready to have a good time.

Volunteer Benefits
Indeed, volunteering for the CSFF has its perks. Even though valuable time is donated, volunteers will be rewarded for their contributions. Depending on the hours worked, volunteers have an opportunity to gain the following:

Hours Worked
1 Festival 4-Pack
Good for any four screenings (does not provide access to opening and closing night films)
Good for access to opening and closing night parties
Good for 2 for 1 daily brew coffees at University Avenue and Freight House Dunn Bros. coffee shop locations during the festival

1 All-Access Pass
Good for all screenings including opening and closing night
Good for opening and closing night parties
Good for all seminars
Good for 2 for 1 daily brew coffees at University Avenue and Freight House Dunn Bros. coffee shop locations during the festival

2 All-Access Passes
2 All-Access Passes, plus 50% off IFP Membership fee ($42.50 after discount)

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