The Thin film

In this article we will highlight the 2006 documentary film, Thin, to assess how women are portrayed in modern media.

The 2006 film by Lauren Greenfield is an exploration of women trying to deal with issues like anorexia nervosa, bulimia, rapid weight loss, and the consistent struggle to maintain recovery.

Greenfield’s work is a launchpad to explore all the different issues in terms of body image and eating disorders in modern society. There is consistent pressure by the media to make women feel insecure because there is a very high standard of unachievable beauty.

This documentary took about a decade to produce and reveals the haunting identity crisis for modern women and girls.

This film was selected for competition at the Sundance film Festival of 2006 and was able to win the John Grierson award for the top documentary. In addition, Thin has been nominated for many other awards at the international level.